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Vernon Sylvaine's Will Any Gentleman?, 2nd-4th April 1959


Hampshire Chronicle, Friday, April 3rd, 1958 Southern Daily Echo, Saturday, April 4th, 1959

Cast List

Mendoza (A Hypnotist) Carl Wooller
Albert Boyle Peter Proctor
Angel (Mendoza&rsquoi;s Assistant) Pat Parker
Henry Stirling Jimmy Cook
Beryl (The Maid) Elaine Cottell
Dr Smith Tony Harrison
Florence Stirling (Henry’s Wife) Margaret Beazley
Charley Stirling (Henry’s Brother) David Fenwick
Detective Inspector Martin Peter Proctor
Stanley Jackson (A Bank Manager) Bill Cottell
Homey Mercia Davis
Mrs Whittle (Florence’s Mother) Barbara Langrish


A comedy, set in the 1930s, about a man who is given a split personality by a music hall hypnotist.

Production Team

Producer David Fenwick
Stage Manager Margaret Wooller
Props and Wardrobe Ella Beazley
  Mary Sherman
Lighting and Effects Graham Watt
Stage Carpentry Ewart Sherman
  Tony Harrison
Business Manager Bert Langrish
Prompt Anthea Wheeler


Pictures from the play

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