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Philip Johnson's Who Lies There?, Autumn 1958

Cast List

Mrs Fearn Dulcie Parker
Mrs Butterworth Barbara Langrish
Francie Sheila Jenkins
George David Fenwick
The Professor Carl Wooller
Madam Catherine Stark
Alec Tony Norton
Mrs Dubinski Elaine Cottell


A period drama set in the 1890s. The solving of the mystery revolves around the back sitting room of a house in Kensington.

Production Team

Producer Tony Harrison
Assistant Producer David Fenwick
Stage Manager Mary Sherman
Business Manager Bert Langrish
Props Ella Beazley
Lighting and Effects Norman Davis
  David Fenwick
Stage Carpentry Ewart Sherman
Prompt Scilla Harrison
Wardrobe Margaret Wooller
  Glenda Norton


Picture of the cast

Pictures from the play

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