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Charles Dyer's Wanted One Body, April 1969


Hampshire Telegraph and Post April 1969 Southern Evening Echo April 1969

Cast List

Mr Mickleby David Fenwick
Mr Blundell Tony Norton
Mrs Barraclough Noreen Byrne
Dr Brown Alan Griggs
Mr Sorrell Tony Bull
Mabel Middy Eunice Pike
Anne Coombe Valerie McClean
Ted Johnson David Johnson
Agnes Barbara Langrish


Greenacres – family home to the late Charles Barraclough and the icing on the cake for his future heirs. But who stands to inherit his millions and will it be by foul means or fair? Family and faithful servants wait with baited breath to hear the last will and testament, only to discover that this death holds nothing but surprises! As the flood waters rise, confusion reigns and the body count increases in this farcical chiller.

It’s a classic whodunnit, with mysterious long lost relatives and brooding butlers. Who will be the next victim, and is Charles Barraclough really even dead? Only time will tell...


Picture of the cast

Pictures from the play

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