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Richard Harris and Leslie Darbon's Two and Two Make Sex, 12th-14th May 1983

Cast List

Nick Paul Donovan
Jane Paul Graham
George Tim Hurst
Clare Norma Galley
Ruth Katrina Tanner
Jack John Reynolds


Almost fifty George is married to almost fifty Clare. He is beginning an affair with twenty-something Jane who is in a relationship, and lives, with twenty-something, underachiever, Nick.

George is not exactly sure how to go about doing this and makes bumbling attempts at being young – such as jogging in a canary yellow track suit and changing his saloon for a sports car. He is also unaware that Clare has noticed the unmistakable signs of a husband about to go astray – telephone calls to her five times a day, flowers, and excuses for being late. She consults her friend Ruth who runs a Dear Abby column dispensing advice on such matters. Ruth tells her that George is probably going through a phase that all middle-aged men go through known as The Virility Crisis and advises her to let George have his fling. Ruth and George do not get along. However, Clare decides to do a little investigating.

Although Jane and Nick have a open relationship agreement, Nick does his best to thwart the amorous plans of George and Jane. As Nick and Clare do their sleuthing, they meet – with Clare believing that Nick is Jane’s psychiatrist. She decides that if she is to let George do his thing, she can do the same thing with Nick who decides to do the same thing with her. What follows is a series of comedic mishaps brought about by cover-ups, lies and mistaken identities. Adding further fuel to this hilarious mayhem is the appearance of Jane’s father Jack who Nick thinks is her lover.

At the end everything gets straightened out at the expense of poor, bumbling George. The play takes place in the living room and bed sitter of the two couples

Production Team

Producer Janet Harrington
Barbara Langrish
Stage Manager Joy Hocking
Sound, lighting and effects David Stanger
David Long
Stage Construction Fred Turner
Malcolm Harrington
Simon Jones
The Players
Advertising and Programmes Paul Warren
David Long
Props Marion Hurley
Beverley Pike
Louise Swatton
Stage Design Joy Hocking
Make-up Penelope Turner
Wardrobe Audrey Titcombe
Front of House Bill Reynolds
John Guidery
Refreshments Eileen Reynolds and the Ladies
Box Office Sue Vaughan
V.G.Stores, Lowford
Flowers Mr and Mrs Algate

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