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Eric Chappel's Theft, 8th-10th June 2000

Cast List

Spriggs Paul Smith
John Steve Humphreys
Barbera Sarah O’Connor
Trevor Bob Duck-Manton
Jenny Gill Smith


A night out to celebrate an anniversary with a couple of friends – what could possibly go wrong?

Well, if you are burgled while you are out, and if the name of the burglar is Spriggs, then the answer has to be “plenty”, as the Mileses and the Farringtons are about to find out.

Spriggs is discovered in the house when the couples return, and tries to convince them he is a policeman investigating the crime. But when his cover is blown he begins to reveal things he has found out about the long time friends that they wish he’d keep to himself...

Theft is an ingenious comedy thriller by Eric Chappell, best known for his TV work Rising Damp.

Production Team

Director Simon Goodison
Producer Gill James
Prompt Barbara Langrish
Stage Set Bryan Maylon
  Malcolm Harrington
  Tim Smith
  George O’Connor

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