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Terence Rattigan's Who is Sylvia?, 12th and 14th March 1955


Hampshire Chronicle, Thursday, March 19th, 1955

Cast List

Mark Hugh Baird
Williams John Smart
Daphne Gwendoline May
Sidney Ambrose Crowley
Ethel Diane Mew
Oscar Peter May
Bubbles Madeleine Baird
Nora Gwendoline May
Denis William Goodfellow
Wilberforce Anthony Harrison
Doris Gwendoline May
Chloe Margaret Beazley
Caroline Norah Smart


The honourable Mark St. Neots is playing with some ‘chums’ when he meets and is bowled over by Sylvia. As he grows older he retains his image of this beautiful young girl with the red hair. Through a chance meeting, he can pursue his career in the diplomatic corps as well as the young ladies he meets. A charming comedy with a sting in the tail.

Production Team

Producer Peter May
Assistant Producer Betty Peckham
Stage Manager Mollie Lucas
Assistant Stage Manager John Jordan
Lighting H. Digby Lucas
Wardrobe Joy Chambers


Pictures from the play

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