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Noël Coward's Blithe Spirit, 22nd-25th November 1989

Cast List

Edith (a maid) Marion Hurley
Ruth Janet Harrington
Charles Geoff Westgarth
Dr Bradman John Oliver
Mrs Bradman Barbara Langrish
Madame Arcati Dee Crosbie
Elvira Hilary Wiseman
Child’s voice Victoria Westgarth


Sub-titled “an improbable farce” this play dwells none-too-seriously on what could be called the darker side of life. Charles Condomine is an aspiring author who needs to complete research for his latest novel. To this end he invites a local medium – the eccentric Madame Arcati – to dinner, so that he can watch her at work. Unaware of any ulterior motive Madame Arcati performs hilariously to the best of her ability, but leaves Charles with a problem that turns his original care-free scepticism into abject dismay...

Production Team

Producer Edwina Cole
Co-Producer/Stage Manager Sean Tyler
Costumes Sue Vaughan
Annie Stunnell
Lighting and Sound David Stanger
Prompt Mary Jane Donald
Props Marion Hurley
Gill Murray
Design and Set Construction Peter Hurley and The Players
Make-Up Jacqui Morgan
Refreshments The Players

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