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Constance Cox's Lord Arthur Savile's Crime, 5th-7th November 1998

Cast List

Baines Geoff Watts
Lord Arthur Savile Simon Goodison
Sybil Merton Diana Orton
The Dean of Paddington Michael Vaughan
Lady Windermere Maz Andrews
Lady Clementina Barbara Langrish
Lady Julia Merton Marion Hurley
Mr Podgers, a cheiromantist Paul Smith
Nellie Brenda Jolly
Herr Winkelkopf, an anarchist Paul Smith


At a grand society party, Lord Arthur Savile, fiancé to the beautiful, demure Sybil Merton, is eager to have his palm read by Lady Windermere’s cheiromantist Mr Podgers.

When Podgers takes his hand, however, he is shaken by the vision of something too frightful to relate. Can that mystery really be a murder? And if so, whose?

Production Team

Producer Gill James
Assistant Producer Sarah O'Connor
Lighting and Sound Alex Westgarth
Props Sylvia Munro
Harriet O’Connor
Brenda Jolly
the Cast
Prompt Sylvia Munro
Set construction Peter Hurley
Tony Norton
George O’Connor
Tim Smith
Michael Vaughan
the Players
Wardrobe and backcloth Ashley James
Box Office Sean Tyler

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