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Rick Abbot's Play On, 26th-28th November 1987

Cast List

Aggie Manville
Mary-Jane Donald
Gerald "Gerry" Dunbar
Wiz Wiseman
Henry Benish
   (Lord Dudley)
Alan J. Tinker
Poly Behish
   (Lady Maragaret)
Edwina Cole
Maria "Smitty" Smith
Sam Fynan
Saul Watson
   (Dr Rex Forbes)
Sean Tyler
Billy Carewe
   (Stephen Sellers)
Tim Smith
Violet Imbry
   (Diana Lassiter)
Hilary Wiseman
Louise Peary
   (sound and lighting)
Barbara Langrish
Phyllis Montague
Marion Hurley


Will it be alright on the night? A little theatre group uses a home-grown playwright and save themselves royalty fees. A sensible idea it would seem. but what with changing plots, missing props and unpredictable sound technicians, things begin to go horribly wrong...

Production Team

Producer Gill James
Sound and lighting Jim Fynan
Ben Spargo
Steve Speller
David Stanger
Props Lorna Lepeule
Wardrobe The Cast
Make-up Penelope Turner
Gill Murray
Box Office Sue Vaughan
Advertising/Publicity Sean Tyler
Sue Vaughan
Prompt Dympna Swinney
Janet Harrington
Gill James
Front of House John Guidery
Peter Hurley
Set Construction Malcolm Harrington
Peter Hurley
The Players
Posters and programme design Ron Childs
Martin James
Flowers Mr and Mrs Algate

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