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David Tristram's The Opposite Sex, 9th-11th October 2008


The Opposite of Sex (sic)

The Opposite Sex revolves around the pasts of couples Mark and Vicky and Judith and Eric which come crashing back to haunt them. It soon transpires that Mark and Judith share a past when Judith, an Avon lady, unexpectedly turns up at Mark and Vicky’s home. However, they are not alone with a common history and the revelations lead to an eventful social evening.

The small cast of four made a valiant attempt to bring this sexual comedy to life. However, although clearly audible, the cast faltered over lines, halting the flow and interrupting the comic timing that would have enhanced the production. Apparent under-rehearsal contributed to the actors’ expressions often being too jovial for the situation that they were attempting to portray as they tried to hide their own laughter at the audience’s reactions. A solid attempt that didn’t manage to ignite the sparks of David Tristram’s farce.

The Daily Echo, Friday, October 17, 2008

Cast List

Mark Simon Goodison
Vicky Diana Orton
Judith Melanie Smith
Eric Michael Vaughan


This adult-humoured comedy is of marital infidelity and its warring consequences. Mark, Vicky, Judith and Eric have something in common and a chance meeting could have made for a pleasant social evening. Unfortunately, as they all come face to face, the common denominator turns out to be that they each had an affair with their opposite partner and it isn’t long before the air is thick with insults, black eyes and broken china!

Production Team

Director Sarah O’Connor
Prompt Audrey Eccles
Lighting Peter Taylor
  Reuben Humphreys
Set builder George O’Connor
  Chris Orton
Advertising Frances Collingwood
Catering Cicely Steward-Campkin
  members of the WI
Box office Brenda Jolly
  Martin James


Picture of the cast

Pictures from the play

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