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Vernon Sylvaine's One Wild Oat, 5th-8th April 1961


Southern Daily Echo Saturday, April 8th, 1961

Hampshire Telegraph and Post Saturday, April 8th, 1961 Hampshire Chronicle Saturday, April 8th, 1961

Cast List

Anne Clover Tribe
Caroline Proudfoot Jean Wilkinson
Humphrey Proudfoot Jimmy Cook
Gregory Throstle John Tribe
Vherrie Proudfoot Isobel Griggs
Alfred Gilbey David Fenwick
Fred Gilbey Alan Griggs
Lydia Gilbey Elaine Cottell
Mr Pepys Carl Wooller
Charles Tony Norton
Gloria Samson Sylvia Rance
Mr Samson Carl Wooller
Audrey Cuttle Mary Sherman


A farce showing the family upheaval caused when the daughter of a prim and proper solicitor becomes involved with the son of a city slicker. But as the story unravels, is the solicitor so prim and proper after all?

Production Team

Producer David Fenwick
Stage Manager Moira Bird
Business Manager Bert Langrish
Props Pat Parker
Prompt Barbara Langrish
Lighting Lucifer & Co.
Stage Carpentry Ewart Sherman
Make-up Barbara Millard


Picture of the cast

Pictures from the play

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