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Michael Frayn's Noises Off, 14th-16th November 2002

Cast List

Dotty Otley Gill James
Lloyd Dallas Simon Goodison
Garry Lejeune Dave Bunyan
Brooke Ashton Amy Godfrey-Arkle
Frederick Fellowes Steve Humphreys
Belinda Blair Di Orton
Tim Allgood Michael Vaughan
Poppy Norton-Taylor Laura Howard
Selsdon Mowbray Jim Chadwick-Williams


Noises Off follows a theatrical company to a small town as they rehearse and perform Nothing On. Instead of a play within a play it’s more like a farce within a farce. We see the cast backstage embroiled in peccadilloes and petty bickering and onstage in character trying to hit their marks and keep their lines straight. A classic English farce, Noises Off throws in much opening and closing of doors and many entrances and exits. It’s sometimes difficult to keep up with the fast-paced action, but that’s as it should be to keep the audience confused and amused.

Production Team

Director Steve Humphreys
Prompt Jane Kickham
Lighting Technician Jon Vaughan
Lighting Operator Paul Smith
Set Designer Sarah O’Connor
Set Building George O’Connor & the Players
Box Office Amy Godfrey-Arkel
Promotions Simon Goodison
Catering Brenda Jolly
Bar The Vine


Pictures from the play

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