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Felicity Douglas's It's Never Too Late, 14th-16th March 1957


Hampshire Chronicle, Saturday, March 16h, 1957 Southern Daily Echo, Saturday, March 16h, 1957

Hampshire Telegraph and Post, Saturday, March 16h, 1957

Cast List

Laura Hammond, a novelist Margaret Beazley
Charles, her husband Carl Wooller
Grannie, her mother Lily Howard
Tessa, her daughter Gloria Farndell
John, her step-son Tony Harrison
Anne, John’s wife Shirley Rowe
Stephen Hodgson, a publisher Tony Norton
Tony Hurford David Fenwick
Mrs Dixon, a neighbour Barbara Langrish
A Nurse Joy Chambers
Two Removal Men Luke Lucas
  Hugh Baird


Deciding that her family has taken her for granted far too long, the bored Laura Hammond types up a movie script. Her work becomes a hit film and Laura suddenly finds herself a celebrity. Now she must choose between being a highly paid author and a middle-class housewife.

Production Team

Producer David Fenwick
Stage Manager Margaret Wooller
Wardrobe Ella Beazley
Stage Lighting, Carpentry Hugh Baird
   and Effects George Chanbers
  Luke Lucas
Business Manager Bert Langrish
Prompt Mrs Boyd

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