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Joe Orton's Loot, 26th-28th April 2007


Loot, Bursledon Players

Hal and Dennis, two close friends and likely-lads, turn to armed robbery as they raid the bank next to the funeral parlour where Dennis works. Hal’s mother has just died so they hide the money in her coffin, removing her body to leave enough room for the loot. Inspector Truscott arrives to investigate the deceased’s nurse, Fay, while the boys, aided and abetted by Fay, try to keep him off their trail.

Dave Bunyan (Truscott) commanded the stage, while newcomer Matt Orton (Hal) remained totally focused, showing good comic timing. Although Julia Piper (Fay) seemed nervous with some of her dialogue, her physical stage presence and timing was always impressive.

The problem with this production was that it was mostly too slow; the cast (with the exception of Bunyan and Orton) were generally not quick enough in picking up their dialogue cues to keep this challenging farce at the cutting edge.

Scene South

The Daily Echo, Monday, May 7, 2007

Cast List

McLeavey Mike Vaughan
Fay Julia Piper
Hal Matt Orton
Dennis Richard Calver
Truscott Dave Bunyan
Meadows Steve Reynolds


Joe Orton’s 1966 play, Loot, is a boisterously irreverent black comedy. Mrs McLeavy is dead. Her psychotic nurse Fay may have had something to do with it. Meanwhile, Hal McLeavy and his boyfriend Dennis are struggling to hide their gains from a bank robbery. Hal’s mother’s coffin looks promising, but to make room for the loot, they have to put the body in the cupboard. Enter Inspector Truscott – cunningly disguised as a man from the Waterboard – looking for the thieves.

Production Team

Directors Simon Goodison
Diana Orton
Prompt Audrey Eccles
Technical Director Peter Taylor
Props and costumes Lyn Howard
Joyce Woodhead
Wreaths Sarah O’Connor
Set building George O’Connor
Chris Orton
James Batchelor
Members of the cast and production team
Publicity James Batchelor
Rosemarie Parker
Box Office Martin James

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