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J. B. Priestley's Laburnum Grove, November 1961


Southern Evening Echo Saturday, November 1961

Cast List

Elsie Radfern Moira Bird
Mrs (Lucy) Baxley Elaine Cottell
Bernard Baxley Tony Norton
George Radfern Bill Cottell
Harold Russ Alan Griggs
Joe Fletten Don MacAllister
Mrs (Dorothy) Radfern Mary Sherman
Inspector Stack David Fenwick
Sergeant Morris Malcolm Pike


Mr. Radfern – solid citizen by day, counterfeiter by night. Saddled with a pack of tedious in-laws, Radfern decides to dispose of them by handing them a roll of “funny money” and inviting them to shop in town to their heart’s content. He then skips town, secure in the knowledge that his unwelcome guests will soon be rounded up by the authorities.

Production Team

Producer Carl Wooller
  Margaret Beazley
Props Ella Beazley
Prompt Glenda Norton
Lighting Malcolm Pike
Stage Carpentry Ewart Sherman
Make-up Barbara Fenwick

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