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P G Wodehouse's Come On, Jeeves, 3rd-5th May 1990

Cast List

Lady Carmoyle (Monica) Edwina Cole
Lord Carmoyle (Rory) Tim Smith
Jill Wyvern Gill Murray
The Earl of Towcester (Bill) Sean Tyler
Ellen Dympna Swinney
Jeeves Paul Pridmore
Mrs Spottsworth Marion Hurley
Captain Blagden Tony Norton
Wireless Commentator Nigel Burt


This was the twentieth play written by the partnership of Wodehouse and Bolton. P. G. Wodehouse was very forthcoming about how their partnership worked:

...what usually happens is that Guy comes to me and says he has a corking idea for a show. I say “Ah, yes?” and we sit down and work out the plot. This done, Guy starts writing and goes on writing till the thing is finished. But do not think I am idle while he is doing this. Twice or thrice a day – sometimes oftener – I look in and say: “How’s it getting on?” and he says: “All right,” and I say “Good. Good” And so, little by little and bit by bit, the work gets done...

And so they produced Come on, Jeeves. Bertie Wooster has gone back to college and has loaned his butler, Jeeves, to the Earl of Towcester. Jeeves has to act quickly when the Earl’s secret activity as a Turf Accountant, “Honest Patch Perkins”, comes to light

Production Team

Producer Tim Smith
Director Gill James
Prompt Barbara Langrish
Props The Cast
Costumes Annie Stunnell and the Cast
Make-Up Jacqui Morgan
Stage Construction Peter Hurley and The Players
Lighting and Sound David Stanger
Adrian Plaw
Box Office Sue Vaughan
Publicity Sean Tyler

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