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Hugh Mills' The House by the Lake, 26th-28th November 1959


Southern Daily Echo, Saturday, November 28th, 1959

Hampshire Chronicle, Saturday, November 28th, 1959

Hampshire Telegraph and Post, Saturday, December 5th, 1959

Cast List

Colonel Forbes Tony Harrison
Stella Shirley Rowe
Janet Margaret Beazley
Brenda Lily Howard
Maurice Bill Cottell
Colin David Fenwick
Iris Mary Sherman
Mr Howard Carl Wooller
Nurse Thomson Catherine Stark


This is more then a thriller. It is a play of character and atmosphere. An atmosphere which builds tensely as the debarred psychiatrist and his sister first plan the murder of their unpleasant half-brother, and then put their plan into operation, making their killing seem to be a simple accident.

However the best laid plans are apt to go astray, particularly where murder is concerned, and of course this play is no exception.

Production Team

Producer David Fenwick
Stage Manager Margaret Wooller
Business Manager Bert Langrish
Props and Wardrobe Elaine Cottell
  Ella Beazley
Lighting and Effects Tony Harrison
Stage Carpentry Ewart Sherman
Make-up Barbara Millard
Prompt Barbara Langrish


Picture of the cast

Pictures from the play

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