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Lesley Storm's Great Day, 24th-25th April 1953


Hampshire Chronicle, Saturday, May 2, 1953

Cast List

Sam Leonard Parfitt
Mrs Tracy Hilda Knight
Miss Tomlinson Kathleen Jordan
Mrs Ellis Elizabeth Parfitt
Mrs Beale Olive Algate
Mrs Walsh Iris Stansbury
Mrs Mott Gwendoline May
Miss Fisher Mollie Lucas
Mrs Mumford Ella Blanchard
Miss Allen Elizabeth Peckham
Edna Ellis Mary Parfitt
  Janice Fox
Geoffrey John Jordan
Major Ellis Anthony Norton
Victoria Calder Doreen Fowler


A comedy about American first lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s impending visit to a tiny English country village. As the villagers prepare for their prestigious guest, all sorts of internal squabbles and personal foibles rise to the surface.

Production Team

Producer Peter May
Stage Managers Leonard Parfitt
  Antony Norton
Lighting Frank Allen
Prompt Jill Brown
Props Dulcie Parker
Flowers Fairport Nurseries

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