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Derek Benfield's Fish out of Water, 8th-10th November 2007


Fish Out Of Water

It should be a relaxing holiday on the Italian Riviera, but when the guests are incompatible, the tour guide and assistant are incompetent, the manager prefers flirtatious wine-tasting and the baggage-handlers are on strike, the only certainty is that chaos will reign!

Simon Goodison was very entertaining as the blustering Brigadier while Julia Piper was excellent as his scathing wife, and Julie Bowring’s derisive one-liners – particularly against her sister – were deliciously wicked. Richard Calver was outstanding as the ineffectual guide, switching effortlessly between physical and verbal comedy.

Mistakes are not necessarily detrimental to a performance. The pace only stalled when the prompt was used, but when the actors used their initiative and improvised, it added to the audience’s appreciation; the colour-coded map scenario almost brought down the house!

This wasn't a perfect production, but it achieved what bigger and slicker comedies have failed to do: it was hilariously funny!

Anne Waggot

The Daily Echo, Friday, November 16, 2007

Cast List

Audrey Hubback Julia Piper
Marisa Katrina Humphries
Brigadier Hubback Simon Goodison
Agatha Hepworth Julie Bowring
Fiona Francis Jean Bowden
Julian Whittle Richard Calver
Mario Marcello Dave Bunyan


Set in an hotel on the Italian Riviera, the combination of holidaymakers from hell, a baggage-handlers’ strike, a drunken manager and a pretty assistant, not to mention an inefficient tour guide, becomes the catalyst for two days of absolute chaos.

Production Team

Director Rosemarie Parker
Assistant Director Joyce Woodhead
Prompt Bernadette Taylor
Props Peter Savage
Lighting and Sound Peter Taylor
Set Building Advisor Sarah O’Connor
Front of House Manager Brenda Jolly
Publicity Michael Hlavaty
Box Office Martin James


Pictures from the play

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