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Duncan Greenwood and Robert King's No Time for Fig Leaves, 25th-27th November 1982

Cast List

Monica Sharpe (Constance’s pvt. sec.) Katrina Tanner
Constance Claythorne (Prime Minister) May McGinn
Dora (the servant) Janet Harrington
Lydia Parker M.P (Minister of Science) Edwina Cole
Wing Commander Nigel Lawler, R.A.F. Tim Hurst
Major Danvers-Bishop, W.R.A.C. Dee Crosbie
Professor David Moxton John Davis
Jelen Marchbanks, W.R.N.S. (First Lord of the Admirality) Barbara Langrish
Corporal Eve Forster, W.R.A.C. Louise Fitzpatrick


No Time For Fig Leaves is set in the near future. All the men in the world have died in an atomic accident, and so the world is run by women. But then two men are found alive and brought to the country house of the Prime Minister, who sees them as an opportunity to remain in power. The men have other ideas, and escape.

Production Team

Producer Simon Jones
Assistant Producer Norma Galley
Stage Manager Yolande Kitson
Joy Hocking
Sound, Lighting and Effects Nick Pearce
David Stanger
Props Terry Pegg
Stage Design Toss Gillman
Make Up Penelope Turner
Wardrobe Audrey Titcombe
Front of House Bill Reynolds
Don Guidery
Refreshments Eileen Reynolds and the ladies
Box Office Sue Vaughan
V.G. Stores, Lowford
Flowers Mr and Mrs Algate

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