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David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Junior's Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's produciton of Macbeth, 22nd-24th April 2004

Cast List

Mrs Reece Sarah O’Connor
George Peach Simon Goodison
Henry Dave Bunyan
Dawn Amy Godfrey-Arkle
Felicity Di Orton
Kate Julia Piper
Thelma Kathy MacDonald
Minnie Melanie Smith
Plummer Michale Vaughan


The Dramatic Society can make it to the finals at the Welwyn Garden City if their ajudicator, Mr. Peach, likes their performance of Macbeth. However, Lady Macbeth gets on the wrong bus, and Henry, the stage manager must take her place, and Kate is returning from injuring her leg. When Mr. Peach announces that they have 8½ minutes left to finish most of the final act, the ladies rise to the occasion.

Production Team

Director Simon Goodison
Prompt Audrey Eccles
Music Eunice Pike
Stage Manager Kevin Charles
Set Designers Duncan Fraiser
Rebecca Barfoot
Lighting Martin Woodwood
Sound Rory Keeling
Master Carpenter Anthony Whettingsteel
Set Construction Mat Cousins
Paul Lovett
Leon Plowman
Katie Elliot
Alan Gregory

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