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John Chapman's Dry Rot, 28th-30th November 1985

Cast List

Colonel Wagstaff Tony Norton
Doris Wagstaff Janet Harrington
Beth Barton Dympna Swinney
Susan Wagstaff Beverley Cleo Pike
John Danby Paul Donovan
Fred Phipps Geoff Westgarth
Alfred Tubbe John Davies
Flash Harry John Reynolds
Albert Polignac P. Baverstock
Sergeant Fire Dee Crosbie


The play is set in an old manor house in Ireland. It is now owned by a retired English Colonel and his wife. They run it as a small hotel with the help of their daughter Susan and a maid called Beth. A businessman from Ireland, his secretary, his helper and a friend come over to stay for a few days. Things are not what they seem to be and as the plot unfolds we find out that these are not honest people but crooks who want to switch a horse in a big race. A jockey also comes to stay at this hotel and gets caught up in the mayhem that occurs.

Production Team

Producer Hilary Wiseman
Sound, lighting and effects David Stanger
David Long
Stage Construction Malcolm Harrington
Peter Hurley
Fred Turner
The Players
Advertising and Programmes Eunice Pile
Dee Crosbie
Don Guidery
Sue Vaughan
The Players
Props Marion Hurley
Barbara Langrish
The Players
Make-up Penelope Turner
Wardrobe Audrey Titcombe
Front of House John Guidery
Peter Hurley
Prompt Barbara Langrish
Box Office Sue Vaughan

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