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J. B. Priestley's Dangerous Corner, 2nd-3rd April 1954


Southern Daily Echo, Saturday, April 3rd, 1954

Cast List

Freda Caplan Doreen Fowler
Miss Mockridge Norah Smart
Betty Whitehouse Madeleine Baird
Olwen Peel Stella Fairfax
Charles Stanton John Smart
Gordon Whitehouse Peter May
Robert Caplan Hugh Baird


In his first and most popular play, J.B. Priestley explores the ever-pertinent question of how much truth we can take in our private lives. A family gathering escalates into a compelling exploration when the host, Robert, insists on uncovering the truth about his brother’s “suicide.”

Dangerous Corner cannot be properly understood or enjoyed without taking into account the theory that a relatively unimportant word or action can set in motion two parallel, but completely different, series of events: the one taking a normal course, and the other leading to disaster.

Production Team

Producer Peter May
Stage Manager H. Digby Lucas
Lighting H. Digby Lucas
Prompt Jill Brown
Props Molly Lucas
  Joy Chambers


Pictures from the play

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