Alan Ayckbourn's Confusions, 10th-12th November 2005

Pictures of the Cast

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Julie Bowring
(Lucy – Mother Figure)
Katrina Humphreys
(Rosemary – Mother Figure)
Peter Savage
(Terry – Mother Figure)
Mr Poddle
(Himself – Mother Figure)
Steve Humphreys
(Harry – Drinking Companions)
Julia Piper
(Paula – Drinking Companions)

Simon Goodison
(Waiter – Drinking Companions)
Melanie Smith
(Bernice – Drinking Companions)

Rosemarie Parker
(Councillor Mrs Pearce – Gosforth’s Fete))
Brenda Jolly
(Vicar – Gosforth’s Fete)
Victor Campkin
(Arthur – A Talk in the Park)

Cicely Steward-Campkin
(Doreen – A Talk in the Park)
Dave Bunyan
(Stewart – Gosforth’s Fete)

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