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Arnold Helsby's The Camel's Back, 15th-16th October 1954


Southern Daily Echo, Saturday, October 16th, 1954 Hampshire Chronicle, Saturday, October 23rd, 1954 Hampshire Telegraph and Post, Friday, October 22nd, 1954

Cast List

Ned Ruddle Anthony Norton
Cicely Dorothy Swift
Prudence Hannacott Barbara Langrish
Faith Hannacott Ann Reeves
Tilda Hannacott Iris Stansbury
Bob Sladen Hugh Baird
Miss Loveday Christine Skiff
Mrs Middleton-Jones Joy Chambers
Samuel Meacock Carl Wooler


Mr Hannacot, the Master, has recently passed on. His aim is to secure the future of his family and ensure the farm is managed efficiently. In his will he insists that his sister, Prudence, should bring her business accumen to the farm. However, running a farm is rather different from running a successful draper’s shop and her methods are not always welcomed by her new colleagues! But how to get rid of her?

Well – that’s the question!

Production Team

Producer Peter May
Stage Manager H. Digby Lucas
  Anthony Norton
Lighting H. Digby Lucas
  Anthony Norton
Prompt Gwendoline May
Props Betty Peckham


Picture of the cast

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