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Marc Camoletti's Boeing! Boeing!, 11th-13th November 2004

Cast List

Jacqueline (Air France) Melanie Smith
Janet (TAA) Julia Piper
Judith (Lufthansa) Katrina Humphreys
Bertha Rosemarie Parker
Bernard Steve Humphreys
Robert Dave Bunyan


Bernard Lawrence is an American journalist stationed in Paris. A playboy, he has devised a sophisticated timetable to organize his three ongoing love affairs. His girlfriends are all flight attendants, working for Air France, British Airways and Lufthansa respectively, and they all spend the night at Bernard's apartment whenever they stop over in Paris. However, each of them believes she is the only one, and accordingly they must never meet. Bertha, Bernard's faithful housekeeper, has a hard time managing his affairs, preparing special diets for each of them, rearranging photographs and, generally, keeping track of what is going on.

Bernard's life is turned upside down following (a) a change of schedule for one of his girlfriends and (b) the arrival of Robert Reed, an old friend of his who wants to stay at his apartment for a day or two. The ensuing complications lead to “dangerous” situations until, eventually, all three flight attendants are in the apartment at the same time and still think there is no one else there.

Production Team

Director Cecely Steward Campkin
Prompt Gill James
Lighting Simon Goodison
Property Manager Victor Campkin
Set Building George O’Connor & the Players
Box Office Gill James
Costumes Sarah O’Connor
Catering Brenda Jolly
Bar The Vine


Pictures of the cast

Pictures from the play

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