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Noël Coward's Blithe Spirit, 10th-12th April 1958


Southern Daily Echo, Friday, April 11th, 1958 Hampshire Telegraph and Post, Friday, April 18th, 1958

Cast List

Edit (a Maid) Janet Wooller
Ruth Shirley Rowe
Charles David Fenwick
Doctor Bradman Bill Cottell
Mrs Bradman Mary Sherman
Madame Arcati Margaret Beazley
Elvira Elaine Cottell


Charles Condomine, an author whose first wife Elvira has been dead for seven years, has been reasonably happy with his second wife Ruth. To spark up his writing slump, he decides to collect material for a new book by inviting a local medium, Madam Arcati, to conduct a séance at their home, along with a few other guests. Little does Charles or Ruth dream the séance staged by the medium will summon back Charles’ first wife, Elvira. But the lady from beyond is still as lovely, lively, and mischievous as ever when she appears to torment Charles by reminding him of their days and nights together, making life rather uncomfortable for Charles. As Elvira is visible and audible only to Charles, he has great difficulty in convincing Ruth and the others he is neither mad nor drunk. Elvira has some “tricks” up her sleeve &ndsh; who is she really after? Could it be Charles or perhaps Ruth or maybe even Edith or ??? How Charles manages to extricate himself from two blithe spirits makes a hilarious conclusion to this farce. Funny, brilliant, clever and about as cockeyed as a play can be.

Production Team

Producer David Fenwick
Business Manager Bert Langrish
Props Betty Peckham
Lighting and Effects Michael Rowe
Stage Carpentry Tony Harrison
Prompt Barbara Langrish


Picture of the cast

Pictures from the play

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