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Peter Yeldham and Donald Churchill's Fringe Benefits, 3rd-5th May 1984

Cast List

Isobel Hudson Janet Harrington
Colin Hudson Wiz Wiseman
Jim Nash John Reynolds
Brenda Nash Dee Crosbie
Doreen Edgecombe Rachel Graham
Fiona Jones Beverley Pike
Richard Paul Donovan


The action takes place in the Hudsons’ flat in Barons Court. Isobel, Colin, Jim and Brenda have spent their holidays together for seven years, returning time after time to the same villa in Torremolinos.They have each decided, quite independently, that the time has come for a change. Jim and Brenda are the prime movers in injecting a little spice into the annual vacation. Jim thinks that he and Colin would benefit from the attentions of two lovely young ladies from the office, Doreen and Fiona, and Brenda has her eye on the plumber, Richard. When one says the play was first produced at the Whitehall Theatre, you know all does not turn out as planned!

Production Team

Producer Hilary Wiseman
Assistant Producer Edwina Cole
Sound, lighting and effects David Stanger
David Long
Stage Construction Fred Turner
Malcolm Harrington
The Players
Advertising and Programmes Dee Crosbie
Don Guidery
Props Marion Hurley
Dympna Swinney
Make-up Penny Turner
Tickets and publicity Eunice Pike
Front of House John Guidery
Edwina Cole
Refreshments Eileen Reynolds and the Ladies
Box Office Sue Vaughan
Flowers Mr and Mrs Algate

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