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Alan Ayckbourn's Bedroom Farce, 22nd-24th March 2001

Cast List

Ernest Victor Campkin
Delia Fran Ross
Nick Dave Bunyan
Jan Julia Piper
Malcolm Steve Humphreys
Kate Amy Godfrey-Arkle
Trevor Simon Goodison
Susannah Di Orton


Ernest and Delia go out to dinner to celebrate their wedding anniversary. when this is a failure they return home and prepare to celebrate with pilchards on toast in bed.

Malcolm and Kate are preparing a house-warming party; Nick and Jan have been invited to this but Nick has hurt his back and prepares to rest quietly in bed. All three preparations are doomed to disaster, however, by the material problems of Trevor (son of Ernest and Delia) and his wife Susannah, who descend on each couple in turn leaving chaos in their wake

The action flows in and out from one bedroom to another during this hectic Saturday night...

Production Team

Director Sarah O’Connor
Producer Simon Goodison
Lighting and Sound Jon Vaughan
Prompt Barbara Langrish
Props Cecely Steward-Campkin
Ticket Office Gill James
Refreshments Brenda Jolly
Property Assistant Victor Campkin
Set Building Brian Malyon
George O’Connor
The cast


Pictures from the play

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