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Peter Shaffer's Black Comedy, 4th-6th May 2006



Black Comedy, Bursledon Players, Bursledon Village Hall

The Bursledon Players presented a lively and entertaining production of Peter Schaffer’s Black Comedy. The action takes place in the flat of a young artist during one evening as his careful plans to impress a millionaire collector and his future father-in-law begin to unravel after the lights in the house go out. With its array of eccentric characters and the clever conceit of illuminating the stage as the cast grope around in the supposed blackout, the play cannot fail to amuse. In well choreographed sequences, Dave Bunyan (the artist Brindsley Miller) displayed his gift for physical comedy. Katrina Humphreys brought a kittenish playfulness to the role of his ex-girlfriend Clea. Excellent use was made of the stage and props and in a play where light and darkness are of such essence, the lighting was exemplary.

Karen Robinson

The Daily Echo, Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Cast List

Brindsley Miller Dave Bunyan
Carol Melkett Catherine Mercer
Miss Furnival Rosemarie Parker
Colonel Melkett Simon Goodison
Harold Gorringe Peter Savage
Clea Katrina Humphreys
Schuppanzigh Daniel Humphreys
George Bamberger Himself


A comedy based on an apparently simple idea: to overturn the concept of lighting. When the stage is lit, the actors cannot see; they behave as if they were in the dark. Actions take precedence over words. Complications, misunderstandings, hands that touch what they shouldn’t touch...

Production Team

Director Steve Humphreys
Prompt Jean Bowden
Production team Gill James
Rosemarie Parker
Brenda Jolly
Lighting and sound Peter Taylor
Props Joyce Taylor
Bernadette Taylor
Set construction The Players


Pictures of the cast

Pictures from the play

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