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Philip King and Falkland L. Cary's Big Bad Mouse, 2nd-4th April 1987

Cast List

Fiona Jones Gill Murray
Harold Hopkins Tim Smith
Miss Spencer Marion Hurley
Mr Price-Hargraves Tony Norton
Mr Bloome Steve Dunn
Lady Chesapeake Barbara Langrish
Doris Povey Dympna Swinney


What lurks in the uninspiring premises of Chunkibix Ltd.? Set in the mid-sixties the staff of the firm live out their ordinary lives until Doris’ startling revelations shake them out of their complacency.

Then all hell is let loose and no-one is quite as they seem. What is the significance of Wandsworth Common? Who is the man? And who is the Big... Bad... Mouse?!!!

Production Team

Producer Sue Vaughan
Director Edwina Cole
Stage Manager Sandra Meadows
Assistant Stage Manager Janet Harrington
Lights, sound and effects David Stanger
Malcolm Pike
Props Sean Tyler
Wardrobe Audrey Titcombe
Make-up Penelope Turner
Box Office Sue Vaughan
Advertising/Publicity Sue Vaughan
Prompt Members of the Players
Front of House Peter Hurley
John Guidery
Set Errection Malcolm Harrington
Peter Hurley
Fred Turner
The Players

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