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Richard Harris and Leslie Darbon's Who Goes Bare?, 22nd-24th November 2001


Enjoyable romp which has right ingredients

Who Goes Bare?, Bursledon Players at Bursledon Village Hall

You would expect a visit to a health club to be relaxing and stress-free.

Not so – at least not in this hilarious and thoroughly enjoyable romp which involves a country mansion owner gambling away the deeds to the house and then going to extrordinary lengths to save the family home

The production is tightly directed by Sarah Connor, [sic] with a brisk pace helping the farce-like scenes to race along.

The players all bring enormous energy to their parts, but Simon Goodison steales most scenes through his impersonations of a wide range of stereotyped characters.

Amy Godfrey-Arkle fusses well as a Sue Pollard lookalike and Julia Piper parades naked around the stage with great confidence. Steve Humphreys as the mansion owner keeps the action moving as great speed as the characters chase around in hot persuit of their missing clothes.

Farce is difficult to pull off but this company manages it even with seven doors on a very small stage.

Jeff Hart

The Daily Echo, 26th November 2001

Cast List

Edward Manchip Steve Humphreys
Mr Bucher Paul Smith
Minnie Amy Godfrey-Arkle
Brian Manchip Dave Bunyan
Mrs Court-Bending Melanie Smith
Nancy McSmith Julia Piper
Joan Manchip Rosemarie Parker
Police Sergeant Michael Vaughan
Maxie Maudlin Simon Goodison
Angus McSmith Jim Williams
Phillip Himself


Running a Health and Strength Home in a large and somewhat decaying country mansion can be a hazardous undertaking at any time, as Eddie Manchip knows. When one is further beset by a sinister crook to whom one has signed away the deeds of the house in payment of a gambling debt; a complete desertion of the staff except for one half-witted and generally hysterically excited maid; an erring, pompous brother; his suspicious wife; a tennis player in the nude; a quick-change artist who appears as someone different every ten minutes or so; the tennis player&rsuqo;s kilted Scottish husband and a hearty countrywoman grabbing second-hand clothing – then the result can be, in a word – chaos!

Production Team

Director Sarah O’Connor
Prompt Gill James
Lighting Jon and Michael Vaughan
Property Mistress Cecely Steward-Campkin
Property Assistant Victor Campkin
Stage Building George O’Connor
Catering Brenda Jolly
Advertising Rosemarie Parker
Promotions Simon Goodison
Best Boy Henri Le Bra

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